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I teach about climate change in all sorts of informal settings, most notably the American Museum of Natural History (the one with the dinosaurs) and the Mermaid Lagoon (an annual fundraiser in Brooklyn). I teach physics at Marymount Manhattan College and hold a Ph.D. in ocean and climate physics from Columbia University.

Full Version:


Columbia University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences  | New York, NY

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. Received April 2010 | M.A. Received May 2006
Major: Ocean & Climate Physics | Minors: Climate & Paleoclimate

Barnard College of Columbia University | New York, NY

B.A. received May 2004, cum laude
Major: Environmental Science | Minor: Philosophy
Departmental Honors | Dean’s List 2000-2001, 2001-2002

Biosphere 2 Center | Oracle, AZ

Earth semester: integrated geology, ecology, and environmental policy classes | Spring 2002



NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies | New York, NY

Research Collaborator | Winter 2013 – Spring 2015

– Performed statistical testing to quantify the relationship between declining Arctic sea ice and anomalous weather patterns
– Created maps and other data visualization for research team

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University | Palisades, NY

Participant on Scientific Research Expeditions

– Conducted research on six oceanographic research cruises in Antarctica, the Philippines, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean
– Collaborated with multidisciplinary, international teams of researchers at sea and on land
– Analyzed data in real time and produced figures and reports for use by chief scientists
– Assembled and maintained acoustic equipment for measuring ocean currents and trained other scientists in use of this equipment
– Worked on projects for the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and World Climate Research Programme

Graduate Research Assistant | September 2004 – present

– Studied Indonesian Throughflow (transport of water from Indian to Pacific Ocean), critical to study of ocean circulation and climate
– Developed algorithms for calculating Indonesian Throughflow variability and heat transport based on remote data
– Quantified relationship between Indonesian Throughflow and El Niño
– Presented research at national and international conferences, including an invited presentation in London
– Published three research papers in leading scientific journals (Journal of Climate, Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, and The Geological Society)

NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies | New York, NY

Undergraduate Research Assistant | June 2003 – August 2004
– Designed experimental procedures for evaluating the ability of green roofs to mitigate storm water runoff and sewage overflow
– Developed algorithm to calculate hydrological benefits of green roofs in New York City
– Published senior thesis as a chapter in a NASA publication
– Contributed to monthly research meetings with public and private stakeholders


  • Science education, combining science and art, informal science education
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation; sea level rise in NYC; Arctic sea ice decline
  • Indonesian Throughflow, Philippine Seas circulation, flow in straits
  • ENSO, IOD, quantitative analysis, tropical climatology, Asian monsoon
  • Ocean acoustics, velocity instrumentation, meridional overturning circulation


Marymount Manhattan College | New York, NY

Adjunct Professor of Physics | Spring 2013 – Present
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics | Fall 2012 – Spring 2013
– Teach Phyics I & II with recitation and lab for science majors
– Teach Human Biology, Geology, and Natural Disasters to non-science majors

Touro College, NY School of Career and Applied Studies | New York, NY

Adjunct Professor of Biology | Spring 2012 – Summer 2012
– Taught Human Biology to non-science majors
– Developed online “virtual lab” section

Adjunct Professor of Physical Geology | Fall 2010 – Spring 2012
– Taught geology to a diverse group of students, most with no science background
– Develop and modernized curriculum
– Organized and ran field trips

Dual Language Middle School 247 | New York, NY

Learning through Ecology and Environmental Field Study Fellow | Fall 2008 – Spring 2010
– Taught science through hands-on demonstrations and field work to economically disadvantaged students in public school
– Worked weekly with students, including ESL students and those with learning disabilities, while maintaining my own research
– Collaborated with teachers to develop and improve science curriculum
– Maintained educational blog on two scientific research cruises (Antarctica 2010 and Philippines 2009)

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University

Teaching Assistant: Dynamics of Climate | Fall 2007
– Taught climate physics to graduate students in multidisciplinary Climate & Society program
Teaching Assistant: Climate Systems | Fall 2006 & Spring 2004
– Managed laboratory component of course for class of 25-30 students
– Updated laboratory exercises and developed new class website (2006)
– Performed duties of a graduate teaching assistant as an undergraduate student (2004)

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory | Palisades, NY

– Designed and produced climate physics demonstrations at yearly open house event (2003-2008)
– Mentored two new graduate students (2006 & 2008)
– Managed Department of Ocean & Climate Physics weekly seminar (2005)



Our Earth’s Future, American Museum of Natural History, May 2014 – present

Lead climate change educator for a new course at the Museum of Natural History. Developed course content, gave lectures, lead discussions with students and outside experts. Course now exists in on-site and multiple online versions.

Mermaid Lagoon, Brooklyn, NY, May 2010, June 2011, July 2012, November 2013, and February 2015

The Mermaid Lagoon is an annual ocean fundraising and educational event for 100-200 guests. Spoke about ocean circulation and the impact of the BP oil spill, in character as “Dr. Mermaid,” at the first two Mermaid Lagoons in 2010 and 2011. Co-produced the 2012, 2013, and 2015 events; spoke about and marine mammal mortality events (2012), sustainable ocean policy (2013), and the importance of sea ice in the global climate system (2015).

Occupy Antarctica, Brooklyn, NY, December 2012

Produced an educational event for Antarctica Day that incorporated science, music, dance, and history. The event occurred as part of an international effort to raise awareness about Antarctica from both a scientific and political standpoint.

Dreams of the Last Butterflies, New York, NY, Summer 2012

Scientific consultant for an award-winning live action film about butterflies and environmental conservation.

EcoNews Report, Arcata, CA, June 2012

Radio interview about my research and environmental issues broadcast on KHSU and by podcast, in collaboration with the Northcoast Environmental Center.

The Boatel, Queens, NY, June 2012

Facilitated “Summer Solstice at Sea,” an interactive workshop held at a marina/hotel/party space to celebrate the summer solstice. The workshop covered the basics of climate science and the implications of climate change for New York City.

May Day Free University, Manhattan, NY, May 2012

Taught natural history to a diverse group of interested students in Madison Square Park.

Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY, Spring & Summer 2012

Led a workshop on mapping and migration at an art/science gallery (March). Researched and created a timeline of space travel predictions for the gallery show “Future Migrations” (April-July 2012).

Hudson River Pageant Benefit, New York, NY, April 2011

Helped raise money and awareness for the Hudson River in character as “Dr. Mermaid.”

State of the Planet Blog, New York, NY, January-February 2010

Cross-posted entries from my educational blog for the Earth Institute at Columbia University while in Antarctica. Interacted with commenters from the general public.

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY

Member of the alumni board (2010-present)

Provided research guidance to students in summer research program (2009)

Designed and produced climate physics demonstrations at open house event (2003-2007)

Mentored two new graduate students (2008 & 2006)

Managed Department of Ocean & Climate Physics weekly seminar (2005)

Sacred World Interdependence Day Festival, Petersham, MA, July 2009

Led a workshop on the natural history of the world at an arts festival.

High School Program at Queens College, New York, NY, March 2008

Guest lecture on El Niño-Southern Oscillation

Women in Science at Columbia, New York, NY, September 2006

Served on a graduate student panel to advise undergraduate science majors.

Kodiak High School, Kodiak, AK, April 2006

Presented current shipboard research to students and advised students interested in pursuing a career in science.


Learning through Ecology and Environmental Field Study Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2008-2010
– Earth Institute Travel Grant for travel to the Philippines for research, Summer 2007
– Anne Davidson Fellowship for continuing interest in the study of conservation, May 2004