Occupy Antarctica

Nearly 10% of the Earth “forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes… in the interests of all mankind.”

Sound like idealistic Occupy dream? Actually, it’s the text of the international Antarctic Treaty, the document that governs all human activity within Antarctica. Since December 1st, 1959, Antarctica has been a continent of peace, cooperation, and scientific exploration.

Join us at the House of Collection in Brooklyn to celebrate Antarctica, its beauty, and its rather unusual history. We wil

l be retelling the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton, one of the greatest explorers history has ever known, through song, dance, and spoken word.Performers include:
Gypsy TransTemporalis
Kai Altair
Danielle Hutton
Helen Buyniski
Dr. Mermaid$8 at the door. The House of Collection is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The address and a contact phone number will be sent after you RSVP.

Come prepared for adventure. Recommended dress code is Explorer Chic, Antarctican Royalty, International Ice Climber, South Pole Czar, Polar Paladin…


Logo by richmillerart.com, of course.

Hurricane Sandy

I’ve been answering storm-related questions, mostly on facebook, but here is a more public interview that I did: http://www.isciencetimes.com/articles/3971/20121031/hurricane-sandy-global-warming-scientists-climate-change.htm
In that interview, I mentioned lobbying congress as part of geo-cvd, the geosciences congressional visit day. After a discussion with Senator Schumer’s staff, I sent a link to this report: http://metroeast_climate.ciesin.columbia.edu/

To quote from this report, issued in 2000:

Many components of the [New York] transportation systems are at elevations of only 6 to 20 feet (2 to 7m) above current sea level, exposing them to storm surges that have been modeled to reach heights in excess of 20 feet (7m) for worst-case storm tracks.”

New job!

I’m teaching physics & biology at Marymount Manhattan College. Lots of fun. Lots of work. A few perks of working here that I’ve noticed so far:

– Proximity to Oren’s Coffee. They got me through my undergrad years, so it’s only appropriate now.

– I get to watch dance classes while I wait for the elevator. So beautiful!

– I get to teach the physics class I wish I had taken. I took physics in a radioactive lecture hall with 100 other people and remember very little of it. Now, I teach a small class of lively and interesting students.

– Even though my human biology class meets at 8:30 am, students still show up early. Because they are awesome.

Upcoming Events

First of all, welcome to everyone I met at Figment. What a great day! Here are the dates and preliminary details for two wonderful upcoming events:

June 21, 8:30pm – I’m giving a talk to celebrate the summer solstice at the Boatel, otherwise known as Marina 59. If you want to come, I highly recommend booking a boat for yourself. Think of it as a (very) cheap NYC version of a beach vacation!

July 19, 8pm – The third annual Mermaid Lagoon! In addition to performing, I’ll be co-producing this year with the amazing Kai Altair. There will be music, dance, prizes, fire, science, and mermaids! And you, I hope. Check out this video from last year!

Site Change

Apparently, having a website isn’t enough – you actually have to update it once in a while. So I’m working on that! However, all of the info that was up here before is still available. To celebrate the update, here’s a photo of something else I’ve been working on lately: