Things I do

Ocean and Climate Physics

How does the ocean work? How does it interact with the climate system? After six years in graduate school, I have more questions than answers! Some of my most rewarding work as an oceanographer has been at sea. I’ve spent about 200 days at sea, on research cruises that traversed the Pacific, Indian, and Southern Oceans. I blogged about the last two as Ms. T at Sea:

Science Education

I love to be a tour guide and introduce people to the weird and wonderful workings of our earth. I do that as a physics professor at Marymount Manhattan College, and at a whole bunch of less formal venues: parties, fundraisers, art galleries, festivals, that one floating platform out in the Rockaways, and my beloved Mermaid Lagoon. My newest venue is also one of my favorite places in the world: the Museum of Natural History.

I’m a tribal fusion bellydancer and a fire dancer. I am happiest when I find ways to combine science and art.



2 thoughts on “Things I do”

  1. Hi Debra

    Saw you are going to be talking at Tammy Pittman’s Gallery Gowanus- hope I can go…

    Thought you might find this interesting: For about ten years I have been working on image analysis of the
    Voynich Manuscript looking for maps as a key….There are some interesting configurations which mapping
    relates to in both senses.
    Also am interested in bathymetry….have done some work towards an esthetic theory…

    David Suter

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