The 4th Annual Mermaid Lagoon

And what a lagoon it was! We raised money for the Orca Network and Our Spaces with the help of the best performers in New York City. Check it out! Photos by Caroline Alarcon Loor.

Here is our beautiful hostess, Kae Burke, of Lady Circus and House of Yes fame. Sadly, she has been imprisoned by Captain Hook to perform in his Neverland Seaquarium!


And here is Benjamin Cerf as Captain Hook, pitching his Live Mermaid Show. But mermaids, like orcas, do not take well to captivity.


One of Hook’s most popular mermaid performers: Sera Solstice. Visuals by the Glitch Fairy


And the lovely Christine Geiger in an ode to bubbles.


Renata showed the more fluid side of mermaid performance.


Here is Kai Altair, our mermaid leader! We hoped her siren song would distract Hook.


Not to worry, Peter Pan (Anya Sapozhnikova) will save us, just as soon as he rescues Wendy.


Other residents of Neverland turned out to support the mermaids, including Claire de Luxe as Tiger Lily.


As the most educated among the mermaids, I spoke about the causes we support and the challenges faced by the inhabitants of the ocean – on earth, as well as in Neverland.

And here are a few more people who made the night possible! From the Left: Ali Luminescent, a co-producer and mermaid performer, nightlife legend Guncle, whose karaoke version of the Little Mermaid nearly brought down the house, and Dana Divine, who donated generously to our raffle.

DSC_0059Thanks to everyone for a wonderful night! Thanks especially to Richie Miller who made our logo! You can order this design on a t-shirt or tote by emailing me.


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