Occupy Antarctica

Nearly 10% of the Earth “forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes… in the interests of all mankind.”

Sound like idealistic Occupy dream? Actually, it’s the text of the international Antarctic Treaty, the document that governs all human activity within Antarctica. Since December 1st, 1959, Antarctica has been a continent of peace, cooperation, and scientific exploration.

Join us at the House of Collection in Brooklyn to celebrate Antarctica, its beauty, and its rather unusual history. We wil

l be retelling the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton, one of the greatest explorers history has ever known, through song, dance, and spoken word.Performers include:
Gypsy TransTemporalis
Kai Altair
Danielle Hutton
Helen Buyniski
Dr. Mermaid$8 at the door. The House of Collection is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The address and a contact phone number will be sent after you RSVP.

Come prepared for adventure. Recommended dress code is Explorer Chic, Antarctican Royalty, International Ice Climber, South Pole Czar, Polar Paladin…


Logo by richmillerart.com, of course.

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